Sugar Mail

Email app for Android

A new email app for Android
Supports any mail service from AOL to Zoho, Office 365, Exchange
App on Mobile

Push mail

Get your new messages almost instantly. Can be enabled for folders other than the Inbox.

Account List

An optional Account List view shows all your accounts and their folders on a single screen.

Dark theme

Dark theme, which also changes message content. Can switch automatically by time of day.

Combined inbox

See messages from all accounts and folders at once. Exclude some folders from this view if you wish.

Smart sort

Optionally, sort unread and starred (pinned) messages first, followed by older read messages.


Deal with a message when you are ready to, not when it arrives. Snooze delays are configurable.

Sender icons

Custom icons for messages from popular sites from Amazon to Wikipedia. Useful and pretty.

Scheduled sending

Write messages when you have the time, have the app send them at exactly the time you choose.

Message bundles

Organize your messages for less clutter. Presets for social network and shopping messages.

Formatted compose

Make your messages stand out with formatting from colors to bulleted and numbered lists.


Change top bar color, which folders show in the side panel, swipe and notification actions, and more.


Compose messages faster by reusing common text snippets. Yes, with formatting and images.

PIN code

Optionally lock the app with a PIN code for additional security. Easily unlock with your fingerprint.

No ads

Completely ad free. No ads means no trackers, which helps protect your privacy.

Save as .pdf or .eml

Archive important messages for reference in a standard format which can be opened by other apps.